Homestay in Paris


About Us

Jeanne lived most of her childhood abroad, as her father was a diplomat: Great Britain, Iran, Greece, Morocco and Egypt. After she finished high school, she worked as a real estate agent for ten years. She dedicates her spare time to her family and to her two passions: theater and cinema.

Chloé spent her childhood far from France too: Egypt, Guatemala and Greece, then she returned back to Paris for her studies in communication. She worked in tourism. Today, she is still passionate about travel and shares her time between Paris and Athens. She is involved in numerous humanitarian and environmental causes.

Jeanne & Chloé met at school in Greece and their long-lasting friendship has endured for than 30 years!

Building a company together has always been one of their dreams.

In 2002 the idea became clearer: their experience of life abroad, their desire to promote France internationally as well as the housing problems in Paris, drove them naturally to envision an accommodation company for students. This was the way Atome was born!

Jeanne & Chloé really have complementary characters and 15 years later, their enthusiasm is still intact! This tandem team has already welcomed more than 5,000 students!

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