When should I contact ATOME?

As soon as you’ve decided to study in Paris, contact us. It can often be very difficult to find an accommodation at short notice, particularly at the beginning of each semester. So that we are able to locate the host family that best matches your needs, we need as much time as possible. We suggest that you contact us immediately after school registration.

How can I pay?

First of all, you have to pay the first deposit to Atome, then your host family.

How to proceed to the first deposit to Atome: by PayPal, by bank transfer or cash payment if you have a relative in Paris. 

Your host family: we will send you their bank references. The first month must be paid before you arrive in Paris and then, month by month according to the payment schedule that we send you.

Do I have to send you any official documents?

Yes, after registration we will need a:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your visa (if needed, see here more information)
  • Copy of liability insurance For more information, please contact Allianz: Allianz
  • Copy of your school registration

After my arrival, if I don't' feel comfortable with my family?

We recommend advising us as soon as you feel uncomfortable. That’s very important so that we are able to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, as per our contract. We will make sure that you are able to visit the next lodging before moving in to ensure that you are comfortable.

Keep in mind that your host family may also ask us to find a new family for you.

If this should happen there will be no extra fee.

Can I have a guest?

Our policy is “no guest”, but you may ask your host family: the majority of them will allow a relative.

Will I get the keys?

Of course! You'll be absolutely free to come and go as you please, and it's important for your family that you feel at home. If you come back late, (or very early) please try to be as quiet as possible.
Try not to lose your keys or you'll have to pay for a new lock and it’s often very expensive.

Do I get pictures of the apartment?

Yes, we will send you some pictures of the apartment and particularly of your room if the family is OK.

Can I decide to stay longer with my host family?

Absolutely! If the host family agrees and they are available, if they are not; we'll find a new family and you’ll be able to visit your room before moving in.
In either case, additional fees will be charged, depending on how long you’ll stay.

When will I get my host family’s address?

Our process usually takes around two weeks but keep in mind that it may be longer. During the entire process, we’ll keep in touch. It sometimes can be quicker.

It's my first stay in Paris and I'm a bit afraid?

Don’t be afraid! Your host family will welcome you as a guest in their family. They will try to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

In case of emergency, you'll be able to contact us 7/7 & 24/24.

What is ATOME’s experience in providing this service?

We have worked with many major universities worldwide, and have helped to organize many “study abroad” accommodations. ATOME is your trustworthy partner since 2003. We personally know all of our host families, as most of them have been working with us for many years.

As soon as you get the contact information of your host family, we suggest that you introduce yourself before your arrival in France, this is considered good manners and your host family will appreciate it.

Can I use the kitchen with the B&B option?

The family will allow you some space in the fridge and you will be able to use the kitchen for dinners. Most of the families will consider you as part of their family, but please, always ask for permission. Keep in mind that if you need to use your own food,  storing food in your room is not allowed.

What’s included in the breakfast?

Usually, it’s a French breakfast: bread, butter, jam, cereals, milk, hot drink, fruits…

What are the B&B + 3 or 5 dinner’s option?

You’ll take all your breakfasts in the home and you will have 3 or 5 dinners during the week that you will share with your host.

If I choose the half-board option, how does it work?

Your host family will be in charge of all the dinners. Most of the time, they will share their meals with you.
Of course, if you have decided to have dinner out just advise your family. Your family may have dinner out as well: in that case, they will prepare a meal for you beforehand.

Can I choose another option for my dinners after my arrival?

As our families have decided to host guests with a particular option, it’s hard to change. Some families will accept and if so, advise us, we will send you a new payment schedule. Any change of formula during your stay will not result in a refund of the Atome's fee.

Can I stop by your office?

You absolutely need to set an appointment beforehand.

Can I change my mind and leave my homestay?

You just have to inform your family, as well as ATOME, 15 days before you leave. If you have any other project that might change your schedule, please let us know: we may be help you!

I’m not staying the whole month will I have to pay it?

No. If you stay 35 days, you’ll pay 35 days.
Our total amount is calculated on your exact arrival & departure date.

I do not understand your payment schedule?

You will need to make a monthly payment; this will be calculated based on the options you choose

Will my host family be at the airport to pick me up?

No, but you can easily find a taxi, book a shuttle or a personal driver. If you need help, feel free to ask us. The public transportation (RER B) can get you directly to Paris within 45/50 minutes if you do not have too much luggage.

Who is in charge of my private housekeeping?

Your bedroom is your private space so you are therefore responsible for its upkeep: clean up, let in some air, don’t leave your things on the floor, make your bed, and vacuum. Your family will greatly appreciate it!

What’s included in your ATOME’s fee, and are there any extra fees for my homestay?

Except for liability insurance, there are no extra fees. With any option you’ll get your breakfast at home, linen, towels, free Wi-Fi access, minimum of one laundry a week, a fire alarm in your room, and all utilities are included too.

What's the purpose of the liability insurance?

In France, it’s a legal obligation. This is not a medical assistance.
It covers all damages in and outside your host family's home. It’s called “assurance en responsabilité civile” (Civil Responsibility Insurance).
For more information, please contact Allianz: allianz.colas@orange.fr

What is the initial payment for?

The initial payment corresponds to the Atome's fee. It is deducted from the total monthly price. The payment is refundable if the visa is not obtained, with proof. This payment is not refundable in case of early departure due to the student.

Any Questions?

Contact us!