Homestay in Paris

Our Families

We have met with all our host families personally and visited all the apartments! All our host families have been selected carefully and all the apartments are located in the Paris Metropolitan Area. All our host families have signed a contract agreeing to maintain a certain standard.

Our families have considerable prior experience in welcoming students and understand the inherent constraints of cohabitation. Many of our families create a lasting relationship with their students and often keep in touch with them long after departure.

Our most common family profiles are:

  • Retired couples whose children have left home; they often live in large apartments with one or more available rooms.
  • Single-parent homes seeking a youthful and dynamic presence.
  • Couples with children who wish to experience other cultures, and open their children’s minds to new experiences.

We visit and select our host families based on the following criteria:

  • Their motivation for welcoming a student coming from abroad into their home.
  • Their willingness to participate in an exchange with a culture that is not their own.
  • A dedicated room for the student and the condition of the apartment.
  • Their ability to invest themselves in such an exchange.
  • Their determination to project a positive image of France.

We are fully aware that financial considerations are important for our host families, but in no case will it ever be the primary motivation for seeking a homestay. We want your experience to be the best it can be.

Even if our priority is to find the best place for you, it may happen that you do not feel comfortable with your host family: if so, just advise us, we will find another family for you. Of course this will be free of charge!