Our Families

Become a
host family!


All of our families share the same goal: to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
We systematically visit our families in their apartments before working with them and
pay close attention to our student’s feedback about their homestays.


Our families consist of couples with children, who want to share a rich cultural experience with their kids.

Retired couples whose children no longer live with them, but who really enjoy a young and dynamic presence! They usually have homes with one or two private bedrooms (maximum).

People living alone who appreciate sharing a rich cultural experiences and their Parisian knowledge with you.


  • Is motivated to host a foreign student in a warm and friendly manner.
  • Has the willingness to participate in a real cultural exchange and the ability to invest in such an exchange.
  • Locations that are well-situated and safe, everything in good working condition, and of course, a high quality bedroom reserved for you.

All of our families are contractually committed to guaranteeing quality standards and to respect our Agreement Charter.

We do our best to provide the family who most closely matches your wishes. However, there is always the possibility that you may not feel comfortable with your host family and that it is not the right fit. In this case, just tell us and we will find you another family, without any additional cost.